Urban Planning announces the start of a project to update approved planning documents


The Urban Planning and Development Authority announces the commencement of the implementation of the first phase of the project (implementation of approved plans), which was published in the Official Gazette during the last period. East Arad Block 242, Al-Aker Plan Block 624, Barbar Plan 526, Karrana Block 460 Plan, Damistan Block 1019 Plan, Nuwaidrat and Horat Sanad Plan, West Damistan Block 1017 Plan, Dahiya Complex Al-Sayah Complex 229”, “Nabih Saleh Plan, Complexes 380-381-382”.

Therefore, real estate owners located within the aforementioned schemes and those wishing to update their ownership documents must go to the customer service center and fill out the “request application” form for the purpose of inquiring about the status of the land accompanied by the following documents: (a copy of the ownership document) or (a copy of the survey certificate if it is a document The property is old) and (a copy of the identity card). Expropriation immediately after the expiration of the specified period. Owners can also view the approved scheme maps through the website www.upda.gov.bh or through the Bahrainupda Authority's Instagram.

The doors of the customer service center at the authority’s headquarters, located in the Survey and Land Registration Bureau building (ground floor) in the Sanabis area, are open from 7 am to 6 pm, from Sunday to Thursday. The authority also provides the possibility of booking customer service appointments through the “Skiplino” application. In case of any inquiries, the honorable owners can call the hotline 17682888 or communicate via the following e-mail: ask@upda.gov.bh.