The Urban Planning and Development Authority: completing the planning of 35 plans during 2022


He pointed out that the commission worked to regulate the status of real estate in these schemes and to provide networks of roads, streets, infrastructure and services, in a way that contributes to increasing the balance of land prepared for construction and reconstruction works in the Kingdom, and pushes the wheel of real estate investment and urban growth.

His Excellency noted that these results are part of the authority's efforts to implement development strategies aimed at achieving balanced urban development in various sectors, with the aim of advancing the comprehensive development process in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The statistics showed that the number of applications received by the Authority during the year 2022 amounted to 6,690 applications, as the average rate of completion of transactions in the Authority reached 91%, and the percentage of commitment to the specified time period reached 95%.

Al-Khayyat indicated that the authority seeks to provide distinguished and high-quality planning services to citizens and investors, and to reduce the time periods for procedures through the Planning platform, in line with government directions aimed at comprehensive digital transformation in the provision of services, as it achieved the “Removal of Freezing of Real Estate” service and the “Change classification” service. A 100% rate of completion of applications within the specified time period, followed by the "land subdivision" service, in which the rate of completion of applications reached 92%, and finally the "land consolidation" service, in which the rate of completion of applications reached 79%, stressing the keenness to achieve the sustainability of all services. provided by the Authority and accelerating the completion rate according to the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

The other planning services provided through the authority’s website at have achieved high rates of achievement, as the “traffic impact and safety studies” service achieved 100% in completing applications within the specified time period, followed by the “land status modification” service. with a rate of 99%, and finally the “planning consultancy” service, which achieved 98%.

During the year 2022, the authority's customer service center witnessed a decrease in the number of requests and inquiries via e-mail by 21% compared to the year 2021. This decrease comes as a result of the success of the digital transformation in providing government services, as most requests are now received through a planning platform. The percentage of completed transactions through the National Suggestions and Complaints System (Tawasul) decreased by 10%. As for applications submitted through personal attendance at the Authority's headquarters, it decreased by 9%.

Regarding requests received via phone calls, their percentage increased to 44% compared to 2021, and the number of transactions completed via WhatsApp increased by 1%, as His Excellency the CEO explained that the authority is constantly striving to improve the quality of services and raise the level of customer satisfaction towards the services it provides.

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