Urban Planning and Development Authority Celebrates Its Voluntary Retired Employees


In celebration of its employees, the Urban Planning and Development Authority held a ceremony to honour ten of its voluntarily retirees who have dedicated their lives in the service of the Authority.

The ceremony was attended by all the directors, heads, and employees of the Authority.

On this occasion, the Director of the Human and Financial Resources delivered a speech in which he welcomed all staff members, commending the retirees’ efforts, generosity and dedication throughout their service period which is appreciated by the Authority. He pointed out the sincere efforts exerted to build the country in different sites is a source of pride by all, and that is the reason for building and developing the Kingdom of Bahrain to rise between Nations.

Following, gifts and recognition certificates were distributed to the retirees, as well as commemorative photographs were taken with the Director of the Human and Financial Resources. They later expressed their gratitude for this delightful initiative which affected them profoundly, and stressed that their efforts towards the development of Bahrain will continue long after their retirement.