“Urban Planning and Development”: Starting to update the approved classification maps according to the updated classifications


Engineer Noora Mohammed Bucheery, Director of the Detailed Planning Department at the Urban Planning and Development Authority, announced the start of updating the approved classification maps for the various regions of the Kingdom of Bahrain, according to the classifications developed and in line with the regulatory requirements for reconstruction that come in implementation of Resolution No. (56) of 2022 issued by His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister.

Engineer Noora Bucheery explained that updating the classification maps approved for the various regions of the Kingdom of Bahrain comes as a continuation of the project to update the regulatory requirements for construction, which is a basic pillar for the various development projects in the Kingdom, and unifies the requirements for reconstruction, explaining that this step contributes to the development of a model and comprehensive planning of lands in line with the master plan. National Strategic Structure 2030.

Bucheery confirmed that work has been done on the first stages of updating the approved classification maps, as the agricultural classifications have been replaced by the classifications of Agricultural Investment Zones (AGI), in which agricultural and commercial activities are permitted, and greenhouses and nurseries established. Villas and housing for farmers are also permitted, in addition to the possibility of practicing Animal production activities and the establishment of poultry and fish farms, horse stables, animal pens and open sports stadiums, noting that this step is in the interest of all those wishing to invest in the agricultural sector, as it provides them with a variety of options.

Which are commensurate with all the requirements and needs monitored according to the studies and questionnaires that the Authority has recently conducted.

New classifications for plant food security zones (FS1) have also been developed for real estate located near existing residential areas, due to their importance that contributes to supporting the food security file in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in implementation of the directives of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the great King of the country - May God protect and preserve him, by enhancing food security and investing in it, which enjoys continuous follow-up from the government headed by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, may God protect him, as its classification has been changed to allow the practice of all agricultural activities and the establishment of greenhouses and nurseries. Stressing that these amendments are expected to contribute to upgrading the agricultural sector and support the local economy by guiding investors about projects that keep pace with the pace of development in the country, due to the promising opportunities they contain to attract capital, thus paving the way for the private sector to play a larger and more comprehensive role in achieving economic development. Comprehensive in the Kingdom and support the field of food security as a key partner in this file.

It is noteworthy that the authority has recently launched the guide to the regulatory requirements for construction, and those wishing to view it can visit the website of the authority www. upda. gov. bh or by visiting the authority’s account on the social networking site (Instagram) @bahrainupda.